One flow triggers another

I was watching episode 2 of the Flow Pro Show and they asked some MVP’s what there favorite flow feature is. And of course, I immediately asked myself the same thing. And I choose the HTTP action and HTTP trigger. With those 2, a world of possibilities opens up, including 2 flows that call on each other.

My favorite trigger
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Create a new Team with Forms and Flow

With the introduction of MS Teams within your company, you as an admin are faced with the decision whether you want to keep creating new teams open for everyone or not. By default, it is possible for anyone with a license to create a new team within MS Teams. If you do not want this and want to control the … Read the rest

Change default browser language

When you create Flows and PowerApps you often seek the help of Google. Sometimes it’s just easier to search for the solution on forums, YouTube or sites like this one. And when you do find a solution you will see that almost all of the examples are in English. At that time you don’t want to waste time and energy … Read the rest

Rename new actions

I have taught myself to change the name immediately with every new action that I add. I do this because I encounter a large flow that I created and lost the overview of what was happening where. Take, for example, the initialization of variables. If you have many variables and you do not rename the actions, it will look like … Read the rest

Start by saving the input into variables

I don’t even make flows that long, but I already have a list of tricks. These are the things that make working with Flow easier. Especially if you want to adjust them later on. Start with saving the input in variables is one of those tricks.

Save the input into variables

Immediately at the start of your flow you start … Read the rest