About me

My name is Dennis van Dalen and I am a project manager by profession. Yes, that’s right, a project manager. Now I hear you think “why does a project manager create a blog about Office 365?” Well that is because in my work I also get the chance to work with Flow, PowerApps, Forms, Intune, AAD, etc. And often face challenges which I (sometimes) discover how to solve it.

After visiting some events and speaking with some speakers, I too was influenced by the virus of sharing information. This with the aim of bringing others further and getting satisfaction out of it.

So I see it as a kind of experiment. Just to see if someone reads it and to check if I like it to put my thoughts ‘on paper’. Everything on this site are my own personal ideas, not from the company that I work for.

If you have enjoyed reading it, I would like to hear it on Twitter or Linkedin.