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Adjust your background during a meeting in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has made a new feature available that can come in handy during the Corona period. You can now determine the background of your own video. For now you can only select Microsoft images by default, but with a little trick you can also select your own images.

Don’t see the options from this article yet? Then update Teams by clicking on your profile picture at the top right and then clicking Check for new versions. Wait until you see that it has been updated and restart Teams.

First let’s explain how to select a background image.

Step 1

Join a teams meeting with your webcam on.

Then click the button with the 3 dots and then click Show background effects.

Step 2

You will then see a screen on the right side called Background Settings.

Here you see the options to select no background, blur your background and various standard images from Microsoft. Select one of the images and click on the Preview button. You can now see in miniature how this picture looks with your image.

Are you satisfied? Then click the Apply and turn on video button to set the background.

Set your own background?

Besides that it can be fun to make your own background, it can also look professional if the company logo is in the background. To do this, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Start Windows Explorer and paste this text into the address bar and hit Enter:


Step 2

This folder is empty by default. Paste the image here that you would like to use as a background.

Tip: Because it is convenient to use the correct image sizes, you can use a standard image. To do this, go up one folder and copy one of the standard image. Then paste it back into the Uploads folder where you came from and edit this image.

Step 3

After you have placed your picture, enter a meeting in Teams again and follow the steps above. Your own pictures are at the very bottom.

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