Microsoft Bookings update: Multiple participants per event

Sometimes you need a simple but nice looking booking system to organise an event. You want a system that works, let people register for your event and send some reminders to the participants. Well Microsoft Bookings is your solution.

However Microsoft Bookings was designed for 1-on-1 events. Like a hair dresser. He only cuts one persons hair at the time. But most of the time I wanted to create an event where multiple persons can join at the same time. Like a training or a workshop. What I did then was creating multiple fictional ‘hairdressors’. It took some time but it did the trick.

That was until Microsoft recently updated Microsoft Bookings. It has soms nice updates with one of them the option to set the maximum number of participants per event. So no longer the need of creating fictional ‘hairdressors’. You can now have your hair cut in a group….

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