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No more cake for the entire department

It has probably happened to you too. You walk away from your workplace and you forget to lock it. Colleagues see that and to teach you a lesson, they send an email under your name to the department that you will treat cake tomorrow. One laughs about it, the other doesn’t…

The fact is that you have created an unsafe situation by not locking your workplace. Think about which websites you are already logged in by default, which programs you have open and which documents can be put on a USB stick.

Dynamic Lock

Microsoft has created a feature in Windows 10 that helps you lock your workplace. Because what do you take 9 out of 10 times when you walk away…. your phone. And that is what Dynamic Lock checks for, which automatically locks your workplace as soon as your phone gets out of reach of your workplace.

Fortunately it’s not a requirement that your phone must be nearby to be able to log in. So it is only if your phone is nearby and has a Bluetooth connection with your laptop, and that connection is disconnected. Then your workplace locks.

Read here how you can activate Dynamic lock

Test Dynamic lock

You can test whether it works by walking away from your desk and when you return, your workplace must be locked. Now the range of Bluetooth per workplace and telephone is very different. It is therefore best to walk to a completely different floor or room.

See Dynamic Lock as a supplement to self-locking. The best thing of course is to lock your laptop yourself (for example with the key combination Windows key + L). But for those times you forget, Dynamic Lock makes sure you don’t have to buy a cake for the entire department.

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