One flow triggers another

I was watching episode 2 of the Flow Pro Show and they asked some MVP’s what there favorite flow feature is. And of course, I immediately asked myself the same thing. And I choose the HTTP action and HTTP trigger. With those 2, a world of possibilities opens up, including 2 flows that call on each other.

My favorite trigger

As soon as you select the When a HTTP request is received and you save the flow, flow creates a unique link. This flow starts every time this link is invoked. And so you can have other flows perform the HTTP action and thereby activate the other flow.

It is also possible to send information back and forth between flows. To demonstrate that, I made 2 flows.

  • Flow 1 calls to flow 2 with the text “Hello”
  • Flow 2 retrieves that info and adds ” World” to it
  • Flow 2 send this back to flow 1 as a response

See below the flow designs and it’s test results.

Flow 2 – Design

Flow 2 – Testrun

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